Extensive API’s — An Integrated Restaurant

Connect the host stand to other third-party applications and ConnectSmart Platform components like ConnectSmart Kitchen and Recipes for seamless guest experiences.
These two-way APIs allow other platforms to retrieve information like party details, waitlist and reservation status, and metrics and send data back to ConnectSmart Host.
Integrate to everything from hardware devices like printers and pagers, ConnectSmart platform applications to large guest networks, and reservation platforms like Google and OpenTable.

Keep Guests Informed — Push Statuses Automatically

Communicate table and waitlist statuses directly with guests, with quotes predicated from real-time restaurant activity via 2-way texts and/or with Guest View screens in waiting areas.
Utilize pre-configured texts or conversational 2-way texts to personalize the experience.
Push notifications through your branded app or email to alert guests of available tables, upcoming reservations, or loyalty and rewards info.

Custom Floor Maps and Interface — For Your Restaurant

Design the UI to look precisely like your restaurant with customized background images and multiple floor tabs for additional rooms or seating areas without condensing onto one screen.
Create a layout of Individual tables and customize different arrangements for special occasions like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.
Configure each floor plan with multiple preconfigured “shifts” or station configurations, which you can edit on the fly within the application.

“You can tell the software that was created for another purpose and adapted to work in a restaurant, versus what’s been exclusively designed to work in a restaurant. That’s what led me to [ConnectSmart Host]. It might sound like a minor thing,” he says, “but having my restaurant mapped out on the tablet, with my actual plants and decor. It looks like my restaurant, and not just colored blocks like many other systems use. It helps us immeasurably.”

Rob Young

General Manager, Blind Squirrel

Daily Summaries — Your Data, Delivered

Schedule a daily summary email from the cloud-based portal that details your stats from the business day delivered right to your inbox.
Customize which restaurant site or site(s) you summarize and which metrics you wish to receive.
Use this snapshot summary to make operational improvements, utilizing various stats like the number and time of visits to quoting accuracy.

Order Ahead — Cut Wasted Time

Offer guests a solution that allows guests to place orders beforehand.
When diners arrive, the order fires to the kitchen, saving “back and forth” time between the server and the kitchen.
It’s convenient for your guests; They arrive and get seated, knowing their order is already in the works.
It saves you time so you can turn more tables and increase revenue.

Table and Seating Management — Maximize Your Real Estate

Suggested seating removes the guesswork from the seating process and ensures you get the proper server rotation for your operation.
Train new staff quickly, with an intuitive pacing system that eliminates overloading or double seating servers.
Utilize various rotation methods for suggested seating like “time since last seated” and “fewest guests/tables/parties.”

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