Manage and Configure Hardware

ControlPoint manages the initial setup of your hardware as well as ongoing changes with its plug-and-play environment, so you can easily update a number of devices at once without individual contact. While it’s designed to manage QSR solutions, ControlPoint can also manage your third-party Windows-based hardware and point of sale platforms, giving you one point of control for all of your restaurant devices.

ControlPoint allows you to manage and configure hardware.

Support and troubleshoot devices with ControlPoint.

Support and Troubleshoot Devices

With ControlPoint, you can manage any Windows-based devices, as well as any peripherals connected to that device. It implements software changes to each device assigned by you, the user, giving you total control over your solution.

ControlPoint makes troubleshooting easy with:

  • Advanced monitoring, diagnostics, and alerts
  • Up-to-the-minute statuses for your monitors and connections
  • Quick refresh and reboot of connected devices in a plug-and-play environment

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