Easy Recipe Storage — Ditch the Old Book!

Digitally store your restaurant’s recipes in one central location, featuring graphics and images to accompany the directions.
Create and add new recipes automatically and update them across sites.
Use an intuitive search function to find and access recipes quickly — crucial in a busy kitchen.

Cut Training Time and Turnover

With an easy-to-use recipe book on hand, you can help newly-hired staff train up to your food quality standards, with a 24/7 “trainer” to help them at all times.
Create easy-to-follow SOP’s that streamline the training process further.
Usability reduces the blow of restaurant turnover, as new hires and quickly begin working at the same level as seasoned employees.

Customize to Your Needs

Coordinate favorite or frequently used recipes for easy access.
Call attention to a recipe’s nutrition or allergen information.
Add and update recipes in real-time, and have those updates take effect across multiple sites.

Ensure Consistency Site to Site — Guests Expect the Best!

Maintain that high, consistent guest experience across your entire restaurant business, multiple sites, and multiple managers.
Taking the stress and guesswork out of food prep allows your staff to put their energies into providing a top-tier guest experience.

Empower your staff.
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