Real-time accuracy — Never make false promises.

ConnectSmart Kitchen KDS “reads” your kitchen bandwidth to generate quotes for pickup.
With quotes based on activity levels — not preconfigured stats — you’re always providing truly accurate times.
As your kitchen activity fluctuates, dynamic capacity management features automatically adjust quote times to reflect it.

Kitchen Order Routing — Customize Your Workflow

Route items to individual stations or full kitchen lines based on their current capacity or load. Manually “pass” items to another line when needed.
ConnectSmart Kitchen rule-based routing options let you see what you want, where you need to see it, and exactly when you need to see it.
See order items “on the fly” as they enter the POS, or create coordinated timed routing by course to ensure items finish hot and fresh.

Seamless Integrations — Work Smarter, Not Harder

ConnectSmart’s robust API’s allow you to make the most of the platform and your technology stack. And because ConnectSmart Kitchen is the only KDS with over 65 kitchen POS integrations, you can make changes when you need to, and your kitchen investment is safe!
Connect your entire operation by sharing data, from the back (kitchen) to the Front-of-House (ConnectSmart Host). The integration eliminates staff running back and forth between stations.
In the front, table statuses update instantly based on the kitchen, displaying an order’s current status in “table details” for staff. In the kitchen, stations can use dashboards to display waitlist info, open menu counts, seating statuses, and more.

“The best thing about ConnectSmart Kitchen is its versatility. I’ve used the solution in full-service dining restaurants with 300-600 seats and fast-casual restaurants. The majority of the business comes from digital channels and off-premise dining. The product is so flexible that you can solve almost any operational situation you can imagine. I’ve used several other kitchen management products from major POS providers, and none can match ConnectSmart Kitchen.”

Brian A.

Director of Technology

Accessible Data — Make Decisions on the Fly

ConnectSmart Kitchen provides multiple ways to access data captured by the application. Every bump event records over 50 fields of data about a specific item. Access numerous metrics like average service times, order on-time percentages, and more.
Synchronize data with the ConnectSmart Enterprise Portal to access reports through the cloud, the ConnectSmart vision app, or the Business Intelligence Portal, ConnectSmart Insights.
The API allows you to export this data directly into your own or third-party data warehouse or solution.

Off-Premise Dining — It’s Now or Never

With real-time data flowing directly from the kitchen, you always provide guests with the most accurate quote times and statuses for their off-premise orders.
View your off-premise orders in digestible dashboards, where you can segment them by type – curbside, delivery, or pick-up and status.
Display order statuses on monitors for partners and pickup guests to minimize crowding in the lobby.
ConnectSmart Kitchen’s dynamic capacity management blends walk-in and carryout traffic without one stream disrupting the other, all based on real-time kitchen efficiency.

Bin Management — Never Run Out of What Matters

ConnectSmart Kitchen’s Bin Management module tracks high-volume item sales by 15 – 60-minute dayparts to provide accurate forecasting.
The forecasting information will alert staff to prepare more product, so items are always on hand when needed.
The system can display quantities like “On Hand,” “Needed,” “In Progress,” and “Expired” and can route system-generated orders to refill bins directly to a prep station.

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