Manage and Configure All Your Hardware

Though we’ve purpose-built ControlPoint to manage ConnectSmart components, it can also manage your third-party Windows-based controllers and point-of-sale platforms, and Android devices.
With plug and play configuration settings, you have one control point (there’s the word!) for all of your restaurant devices. Add, edit, and configure components to your liking.
Manage third party peripherals, like paging systems, guest paging and table locators, and receipt printers, including label printing, support for custom images, and QR codes.

Remote Device Control — Manage From Anywhere

Even when you’re not on-site, access your hardware data and statuses through the Enterprise Portal.
Reboot devices, start and stop applications, processes, and services, browse and transfer files, view and edit the registry — remotely!
Get even more granular by taking screen captures from a device and access memory usage and history.

Support and Troubleshoot — Easy Fixing on the Spot

Get Easy access to advanced monitoring, diagnostics, and alerts within your hardware.
Receive up-to-the-minute statuses for your monitors and connections.
Quickly refresh and reboot your connected devices when necessary, without disrupting other devices.

Redundancy and Backup — You’re Always Safe

Rest assured, you’ve got features that protect and back up your hardware on a primary and backup device or PC on the in-store network.
Utilize the Enterprise Portal to manage your in-store hardware and server controls.

Auto Device and File Configuration — Work Smarter!

Program ControlPoint to configure a device when detected automatically, saving valuable time and service fees.
When ControlPoint can’t detect a configured device on the network, it automatically programs the new device to the missing unit’s settings, eliminating the need for a service technician to re-program the new device.
Configure files, folders, and applications to sync devices automatically when you start up and program your application modes with command line parameters.
Hardware management — simplified.
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