It's a challenging time for the hospitality industry. With walk-in traffic stalled and operators seeking creative ways to serve off-premise customers, we wanted to help. 

ConnectSmart® Go 
streamlines the off-premise order process, providing an at-a-glance view of what's coming in and going out and organizes the flow of orders in one easy-to-use platform. Most importantly, ConnectSmart Go is completely free from now through the end of the pandemic crisis.

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"The restaurant industry has encountered unprecedented times and we all need to come together to help one another. ConnectSmart® Go is QSR’s way of helping operators in their time of need. With takeout and delivery options as the most viable way to sustain right now, this technology can help operators with the surge in off-premise orders and ease the transitional burden."

- Lee Leet, Founder & CEO

How ConnectSmart® Go can help your restaurant

We've refocused our team to develop an intuitive solution for restaurants to optimize their off-premise dining right now. By aggregating various order types into one organized, platform, ConnectSmart Go will streamline your off-premise order process, providing all order info at a glance.

  • Manage your off-premise orders, separating delivery and to-go, into one centralized location.
  • SMS capabilities that allow for contactless pickup and delivery.
  • Provide an at-a-glance view of incoming and outgoing orders, consolidating orders from various delivery and to-go channels, organized into one easy-to-use platform. 
  • Through an integration with CSK, staff can mark orders as released, arrived, or fast-track, and cancel orders, all without setting foot in the kitchen.
  • Track your milestones for active, upcoming, and completed off-premise orders. 
  • Access and report on every data point along the dining journey.

How  does ConnectSmart® Go work?

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