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QSR's ControlPoint is a powerful and intuitive tool for easy and effective management of your restaurant hardware and software solutions.

ControlPoint enables quick and easy configuration management. It offers advanced real-time diagnostics as well as the ability to perform updates and can be used with a single restaurant or across hundreds of restaurants.

ControlPoint was designed to manage QSR's kitchen display and guest management restaurant hardware and software solutions, empowering restaurants with a single tool to control all hardware within the restaurant. ControlPoint can also be used to manage third-party systems, including point-of-sale terminals and applications.

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Features and Benefits

  • Powerful, intuitive software tool to effectively manage hardware within the restaurant and at the enterprise level
  • Leverage plug-and-play capabilities and real-time changes to simplify installation and maintenance
  • Ease problem solving with advanced monitoring, diagnostics, and alerts
  • Also available as a unified solution to manage all Microsoft® Windows® systems in the restaurant