Our Reliable, Cost-Effective Controllers Set the Industry Standard

Since 1996, QSR has been the industry leader in providing the most reliable and flexible kitchen display hardware. Our proven record alongside the many options we provide make our controllers perfect for restaurants of all sizes and concepts. Whether you operate table service, quick service, fast casual, bar, concession or pizza, we have hardware and an operating system to match.

The easy maintenance and increased durability of these controllers allow them to work in the harshest restaurant conditions. These thoughtfully made hardware options are designed to withstand the demanding pace and high volumes of restaurants everywhere. QSR controllers are currently installed in thousands of restaurants around the world.

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QSR's ePic video controller has set the industry standard for text-based kitchen display hardware. The ePic controller powers text-based video software systems for even the harshest of kitchens.

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A dynamic and flexible controller running the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system to power QSR's ConnectSmart Kitchen and TeamAssist.

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A reliable controller that powers ConnectSmart Kitchen's graphical display and TeamAssist. This includes the ability to run full motion video and desktop software, using the Microsoft® WES7 operating system.

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A compact high-performance controller that runs Microsoft®'s Windows® 7 embedded operating system. The MP9 is optimized to run all the server applications for ConnectSmart Kitchen, DineTime, and ControlPoint.

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