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QSR Kitchen Display Software Solutions

QSR offers kitchen display system options for every restaurant environment and budget. Our proven kitchen management solutions are used in thousands of locations, interfaced with more than fifty point-of-sale systems.

ConnectSmart Kitchen (CSK): most often used in table service, the added benefits of graphical capabilities and enhanced touch functionality provide restaurants of all sizes and concepts the ability to customize each kitchen display screen, including extensive routing options and definable display attributes for items and orders, as well as real-time and historical speed of service data.

ePic Kitchen Display Software (ePic KDS): table service restaurants as well as the most complex quick service operations along with fast casual, bar, concession, pizza, multi-concept, and other unique restaurant environments have all experienced significant benefits from the definable kitchen display screens, flexible routing options, and easily accessible production data.

ePic Direct: a subset of the table service and quick service functionality from QSR’s ePic KDS completely embedded on a QSR kitchen display controller, providing an attractively priced, simple to implement, plug-and-play kitchen video system.

ConnectSmart OrderReady: a fit for any restaurant environment where guests may pick up an order, makes use of the production data from QSR’s kitchen display software to populate eye-pleasing graphical displays that show guests the preparation status of their order.

ConnectSmart FreshServe: for quick service restaurants with or without a drive-thru, uses real-time speed of service data from the kitchen to display and track the amount of time it takes to deliver an order to a guest, enabling the restaurant to provide a coupon if the order exceeds the restaurant's speed goal.