QSR Automations Products, Table Management Solution

eXpert: Powerful Kitchen Display and
Table Management Hardware

QSR’s robust eXpert® controller reliably runs QSR’s graphical kitchen display and table management solutions, including providing support for multi-media capabilities and desktop applications.

eXpert DX-3000 controllers, Table Management Solution

The eXpert’s rugged design offers a purpose built aluminum and steel enclosure (that is the same size as QSR’s xCeed and ePic controllers), a powerful processor running the Microsoft® WES7 operating system, no moving parts, and extensive connections. The eXpert is an excellent option for users running ConnectSmart server based applications for redundancy, high resolutions, full screen video, or certain desktop applications along with the ConnectSmart solutions within the most cramped, unforgiving areas of the restaurant. Capitalizing on the popular design enhancements also found with QSR’s xCeed, the eXpert provides extensive diagnostics with ConnectSmart ControlPoint as well as protective power circuitry to handle power surges, brown-outs, and over-voltage.

Restaurants rely on the eXpert with QSR's CSK kitchen display, TeamAssist recipe viewer, and DineTime Host guest management solutions. With the eXpert, operators can leverage browser-based content as well as advanced training applications, such as training videos, at particular stations in the kitchen or at the hostess stand.

Advanced capabilities and key benefits include:
  • Rugged, compact, industrialized construction built to thrive in the harshest restaurant environments
  • Flexible support in the kitchen and at the host stand for desktop applications, graphics, photos, and videos with sound
  • Powerful hardware for kitchen video systems to display menu cards, rotated video, wide screen, training videos, and browser content
  • Easy set up and maintenance with extensive advanced diagnostics through ControlPoint