Technology Partners

Teaming up for Business Success

Partnering with well-respected and trusted technology companies has allowed us to better cater to customers of all kinds. Our well-integrated solutions perform together with these partner products in a reliable and efficient way. QSR's interface standard reduces the complexity of this integration and allows us to cater to new customers with existing solutions.

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Our partnership with AWS enables us to deliver a flexible and adaptive guest management solution that helps meet the dynamic need of our customers.

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Long Range Systems

LRS serves a global market with its innovative solutions. ConnectSmart and DineTime supports their value-driven onsite wireless paging systems.

The main thing is that customers are happy. Also, because they get their main course so quickly, they have enough time for a dessert. Plus, the speed of service means table turnover is increased.

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Our kitchens are much quieter and run much more efficiently, which is giving us improved table turns.

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