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We work with some of the best Points of Sale systems in the world to create seamless experiences for our customers. Over 50 Points of Sale solutions support QSR's kitchen display and guest management solutions. Customers can instantly enhance their operations by adding QSR's solutions to their existing technologies. Existing QSR customers can choose at any time to implement the POS system that best meets their needs without changing or losing their investment in our kitchen and guest management technology.

Please contact us for a complete list of supported Points of Sale solutions.

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We're getting the numbers of covers without feeling the pain. Our staff are happier and so are our customers. Plus, it's helped us increase our sales by about £2,000 per week.

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We made the decision to invest in our QSR kitchen video solution because we realized the system would pay for itself. We had a home run immediately after implementing QSR's kitchen video technology, with an increase in food quality and a decrease in ticket times.

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